Fruit Fight

By: Geckostudios

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You've been hired to babysit your neighbour's son. You take him to many different places, like the park, city, and even the desert. All of a sudden, junk food starts running at him. Armed with nothing but healthy food, can you prevent your him from eating unhealthy food? This is a new simple tower defense game. Defend yourself from unhealthy foods and do not explode.This game was created with the yoyogames game maker and has a variety of stuff within it. You are able to have upgrades and many different cannons.


-Able to put cannons anywhere

- new enemies


Awesome Game Play. Addicting - Garette 7-7
This game is awesome. The coding is complicated and it's an addictive as any other TD. -Thomas 7-7
- needs different enemies
- a fast forward button would be nice
- different visuals
- a more vast variety of towers
-yue 7-9


Monday, June 17th 2013 at 11am

1390 Ogden Avenue

Mississauga, ON

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