Career Academy Newsletter

September 2018

Katie Towler, Principal

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the principal of the Sioux City Career Academy. I come to you having served most recently at West Middle School where I spent a combined 6 years as an assistant principal and principal. Prior to my time with students and staff at West Middle, I served for 7 years as a school counselor at East High School. I am thrilled to be working with high school students again and eager to help grow this cutting-edge program.

Students who attend classes at the SCCA will experience relevant skills-based instruction designed to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Instructors spend time learning from industry experts and bring that first-hand knowledge to the classrooms. In addition, students spend time with local business and community leaders in an effort to better prepare themselves for life after high school.

This innovative learning environment coupled with dynamic instructors, and engaging curriculum make the Sioux City Career Academy the place to be. I am delighted to join the teachers and staff at the Sioux City Career Academy and hope that we have the opportunity to partner along the way.


Katie Towler

(712) 279-6668

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Jeff Lucas, Guidance Counselor

My name is Jeff Lucas and I am the new school counselor for the Sioux City Community Schools Career Academy. I have been with the Sioux City Community Schools for the last 16 years. Prior to this academic year, I was a school counselor at East High for all 16 years in the district. I am very excited about the new opportunity to be part of the Career Academy team. My primary role will be working with Career Academy students to assist them with their post-secondary plans. I will be working along with the Academy students’ home high school counselors to provide additional college and career planning.

Areas of assistance include:

Searching for colleges

Selecting a colleges

Selecting a major/program of study for college.

College admissions requirements

Testing requirements

Financial Aid (Completing the FAFSA and scholarship opportunities)

Career Planning/Career Options.

If you have any questions, I can be reached by calling 279-6668 ext. 3014 or by e mail at

September: Attendance Awareness Month

The Sioux City Community School District recognizes that good attendance is essential to academic success. So, we’ve joined a nationwide effort to celebrate Attendance Awareness Month in September. Nationwide, far too many students are at risk academically because they are chronically absent. Chronic absence is described as missing 10 percent of the school year—or about 18 days – for any reason, excused or unexcused. Research shows that’s the point at which absenteeism begins to affect student performance.

During Attendance Awareness Month, we are asking you to help us reduce absenteeism locally by taking these steps:

• Build a habit and a culture of regular attendance.

• If there are challenges that make it difficult for your student to attend school, let us know so we can help.

School Safety

Student and staff safety is of paramount importance in the Sioux City Community School District. For this reason, the District exercises a host of crisis prevention and planning tactics. During the year, our school has fire, tornado, and intruder drills. The drills ensure our students and staff are prepared for potential emergencies. Watch for future newsletter updates that give you information on our drills, so you can continue the safety conversations with your child(ren) at home.

Should an emergency occur, the school notifies you through our Blackboard phone system. The system calls every phone number associated with your child in order to reach you. The message will give you details about the emergency and provide directions on when/where to pick up your child if the normal school day is altered.

For more information about school safety, visit our website at: or speak to our principal.

Let’s Talk

An engaged community makes our District stronger. That is why we have made it easy for you to connect with us whenever it is convenient for you. We encourage you to take advantage of Let’s Talk! our 24/7 online submission site, by reaching out with your ideas, questions, concerns, and praise. To make a submission, please visit

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