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Cultural Cafe

Cultural Café

GaVS-A Day of Remembrance

Date: February 11, 2014

Time: 7PM

Guest Speaker: Herbert Kohn

Adobe Link: A Day of Remembrance

Every January, the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme, remind the world of the lessons learned from this horrific event, and work to prevent future violations of human rights worldwide. This year’s theme, Journey’s Through the Holocaust, honors the Holocaust survivors with a special exhibit entitled “When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness” opening January 28, 2014 at the United Nations in New York City.

In keeping with this year's theme, the GaVS Cultural Café sponsored by the Social Studies Department, invites you to listen and to witness the personal journey of Mr. Herbert Kohn, an Atlanta resident and Holocaust survivor. Mr. Kohn will relate his story as a youth in Nazi Germany. His message reminds all listeners of the significance of the Holocaust, as well as, the importance of preventing such atrocities in the future.

Following the event you will be able to participate in our Word Press Blog. (http://gavsunholocaustremembrance.wordpress.com)

Don't forget to ask your Social Studies teacher about earning credit for participating in this event.

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All students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

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2014 Art, Writing & Music Contest

Middle and high school students throughout Georgia are invited to enter the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust's annual Art, Writing & Music Contest for 2014. Contest theme response to question “What are the lessons of the Holocaust?”

Contest deadline - March 4, 2014. Winners recognized at the Days of Remembrance Ceremony on May 2, 2014 at the State Capitol. For more information.... Click Here

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March 13-14, 2014

Georgia International Convention Center (College Park)

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Deadline to register is February 28, 2014.

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