Connie Cupid: Doctor of Love

The Relationship Advice Columnists By: Taylor B. Howard

Q: The Guy I love doesn't love me, What do I do?!? - Loveless in Athens

Dear Connie, I have read your column for years, but I never thought Id  be writing to you. I tried going to meetings of "Women Who Love too Much" but Im still hurting, so I thought maybe you could help me. My problem is that the guy I love doesnt want to be in  the same room with me. I try not to woo him as it is meant to be the other way around, but I dream of him to love me. Fair Connie, how do I win his heart?  Sadly, Loveless in Athens. 

A: Eh, Hes just not that into you.....

Words of Encupidment

Dear Loveless in Athens, I feel for you but chasing a guy and being desperate and aggressive won't work for you. See, I know much about Athens, so it would be easy for me to come up with possible outcomes. First, here's you diagnoses: You have care-too-much-itis! Here are a few cures.

I suggest that you let your dad choose who you marry, so you don't have to go through the hassle of making him fall in love with you. Another benefit is that you'd forget about Demetrius, making said loser curious of your sudden lost of interest and he'll be putty in your hands. A con about this situation is that you may never love the new beau that your dad chooses over Demetrius.

But if you really want to become that "old cat lady" from down the hall you could become a nun and forget about any male specimen for the rest of your life, which would save you from heartbreak a great deal of time. A slight issue with this is that you'd never know what true love would feel like: oh, well...

Later in life you will see that there are many Greek fish in the sea and you will one day reel one in. Just a few words of advice: Don't rush anything, Love yourself more than anybody else, and keep an open mind. As I always say: Don't let cupid hit you where mother nature split you.