Special Edition

March 2020

Stevens Scribbles

I realized yesterday as I walked down the dark empty hallways at Rolland-Warner that I have been remiss in offering some words to my students:

I miss you! I miss the strange looks, the greetings, the high-fives, the kind words, the eye rolls, the smiles, and even the loud cafe; all of these things put a smile on my face everyday. Realize that school is important, but so is your health. Take care of yourself both physically and mentally and take care of each other (of course from a safe distance). No matter what happens for the remainder of the year, be proud of yourself, your resilience, and your ability to adapt to these extreme circumstances.

In these strange times many things are out of our control (even us adults that are supposedly in charge) so roll with the flow and concentrate on what you can control! You can control your attitude and your response, you can control getting up and watching the sunrise or for those of you that don't rise until late, watch the sunset! You can get outside and take a walk or ride your bike (my family takes a few mile ride each day it's nice outside). You can go jump on the trampoline in the rain!

For those of you in sports, now is the perfect time to work on your swing hitting off a tee or someone soft tossing, going for a run to work on endurance, shooting the basketball, dribbling two basketballs, dribbling a soccer ball or just playing catch with a football, baseball, or any type of ball! Or go online to find a workout that fits you, there are a ton of virtual workouts and sports drills many of which are on Youtube.

Let's talk the dreaded screen time! Check your Instagram, Twitter, Snaps, etc., and communicate with your peers. We are all in this together! Cheer each other up from a safe distance using the technology that we now have and for the love of everything please work on those Tic Tok dances so when you return to school I don't think you are having some sort of seizure walking down the hallway! With that said, you NEED to limit the screen time on social media as it is also filled with drama and negativity that can affect your health and attitude.

How about some positive screen time on non-social media apps. I challenge you to take virtual trips. Try going to some of our national parks! My family has been to many of these and yet we are virtually going back to remember the good times...and my kids are creating a quick presentation on them using different methods each time, from PowerPoint (Office 365), Google Slides, Prezi, etc. Surprise your parents they will love it! Or check out the resources below that take you to all sorts of educational sites.

Go to We Are Teachers and they have websites for every subject matter and frankly Googling what you are looking for such as website for math study will result in a million hits. Our district has put together some great sources as well that saves you the time sorting through everything found online and here is a list put together by RW teachers as well, just remember these are all supplemental and not required nor graded.

Try Audible, download an app, or Podcast to listen to your favorite book, poems, or short stories. My daughter Googles the title of the book she wants to read and finds it like this "Harry Potter read online" and comes up with sites like Novel24 or PNovels. These sites let you search titles as well if you just go straight to them.

Enough technology, I'm sure our 6th and 7th graders could teach me, so let's talk some activities. My children have been helping my wife and I with all the following: changing oil in our vehicles, rotating the tires (put on the summer tires on the truck), have been target practicing, making maple syrup, organizing the basement, cleaning the outside flower beds, starting seeds, sewing blankets for the animal shelter, cooking, drawing, painting, playing board games, STEM Activities, etc. Think about what you can help your parents with or what hobbies you love and get busy!!!

I hope that all my scribbles above helped to give you some ideas of how to productively fill your time, however, I want you to have the following takeaways:

  1. I miss you and can't wait to see RW full again.
  2. Take care of yourself, we will get back to normalcy.
  3. More than ever #OtherPeopleMatter, tap into your Character Strengths.
  4. Get outside, it's good for you!!!!

Mr. Stevens

PS. Parents, see below for Google Classroom and Remind information, RW specific online resources, and packets you can print by grade level. Again, all of these items are optional and are considered supplements while students are at home. The district or myself will continue to send out a School Messenger as things change.

Google Classroom/Remind

Many of our teachers have been busy updating or creating Google Classrooms to share supplemental activities with you. Remember these are not graded and only supplemental! I have a link below to go to a Google Doc with teacher's classroom codes and just a reminder that students must use their school email with "@students.lapeerschools.org". Students PLEASE remember if you have already signed up for the class you DO NOT need to do so again! If your teacher has a Google Classroom, check it daily for updates.

Also on the second tab of the document below are the teachers Remind Account sign in codes if you haven't already done so! Some teachers have been utilizing this form of communication as well to publish optional learning opportunities.

Rolland-Warner Google Classroom Access Codes and Remind Accounts

Online Resources

Again, the below packets and online resource lists are not mandatory but we strongly encourage families and students to use these resources as they see fit throughout the remainder of the closure. Keeping students engaged during this challenging time is paramount to their success.

Rolland-Warner Resource List

District Resource List

Pearson Connexus

External Resource List

MKE Resource List

Optional 6th & 7th Grade Packets

Below you will find two optional learning opportunities that you may print. Printed copies are also available outside the RW office under the awning in totes if you don't have the option to print. Someone will be checking these daily, so if we happen to be out please check back.

NJHS Inductees

We decided to announce the NJHS Inductees for next year ahead of time, since the scheduled ceremony is delayed at this time. Mrs. Price or I will let you know when a new time is established.

Congratulations for all on the list as your persistence and dedication have paid off! I hope you are proud of your achievements, and while external rewards and recognition are certainly nice, I hope you have internalized a sense of accomplishment or are intrinsically motivated as that will take you far in life!

Again Congratulations!!!

Ashmore, Nicholas

Baranski, Isabella

Barr, Gloriana

Brandt, Paetyn

Brokaw, Kaden

Brotzke, Saffron

Champine-Smith, Emma

Clay, Aaliyah

Crane, Jonathan

Cummings, Alicia

Day, Sway

Elliott, Ashlyn

Fidler, Addison

Goward, Josslyn

Grote, Elizabeth

Helgemo, Madelyn

Hibbler, Gavin

Houck, Evan

Jasmund, Jacob

Kennedy, Brooklyn

Kosmac, Alana

Kropp, Gryphon

Lomerson, Jenna

Mahl, Charlie

Mathews, Sarah

McKinstry, Samantha

Miller, Ever

Miller, Carter

Norman, Lilly

Parker, Bailey

Parker, Samantha

Percival, Troy

Rutledge, Allison

Sanchez, Berlin

Sandusky, Abbigale

Spencer, Ella

Steffler, Allison

Tackabury, Ryann

Trisch, Ryan

VanWagoner, Haylee

White, Madison

Whitney, Kaylee

Wilcox, Morgan

Wilson, Ryanna

Meals for Students from LCS

Remember that free breakfast and lunch are offered for children under 18 in a Drive-Thru format at CFI from 10 am until 1 pm Monday-Friday through April 3rd! Friday's bag will include items for the weekend as well. Thank you LCS and Chartwell's!

I was happy to see some of you today handing out meals!

Positivity Project

While we can't share out the lessons, I wanted to share out the Character Cards as in unknown times civility and showing our character is one of the most important things we can do.

Character strengths aren't about ignoring the negative. Instead, they help us overcome life's inevitable adversities. For example, you can't be brave without first feeling fear; you can't show perseverance without first wanting to quit; you can't show self-control without first being tempted to do something you know you shouldn't.

Character Cards

'Honey Bear' Storytime

Honey Bear