By: Gabby Hamby

The thrill if Hawaii

When i get older my travel destination would be to go to Hawaii. Hawaii has always been my dream vacation. Hopefully my dream will become true.

The Beach

One of the reasons i want to go to Hawaii is where i could swim. Most of the time their would not be rain or storms while i am there. i would look for seashells for my aunt Maranda's seashell collection. I would also go fishing in the ocean.

Wonderful Sun

The sun is my most favorite thing about going to Hawaii. Most people do not like the sand or the salty water. On the beach i love to play beach volleyball, simply because volleyball is my most favorite sport ever. On the beach i would also get the best tan ever. (After i do not have a sunburn anymore) I also would love the warm weather.
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Beach Shopping

While i am in Hawaii i will be shopping. shopping is my most favorite thing ever, i could shop all day long. I would love to get souvenirs while i am there. I love all beach crop tops and clothes. Mostly i would want to get a few new bikini's, but before i get then i have to make sure their totally adorable.

The end of my trip to Hawaii

My last night in Hawaii i would walk the beach until the sun comes up. Then i would go swim one last time. After i did that i would go up to the room pack my stuff up and find a water park or a local zoo to go to before i leave to have a little fun. After that i would go eat at a really good fancy restaurant.
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