White Gold

Justin O'Toole

Explain what the alloy is made of and the percentages of each material

https://www.uniquesettings.com/education/precious White gold is comprised percentage of gold mixed with white metals like palladium, silver, zinc and nickel.

White Gold: 75% fine gold, 10 % copper, 8% nickel, 4.5% zinc, and 2.5% silver.

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Explain the date the alloy was invented

white gold was first manufactured in the 1700s

the term “white gold” was secured in 1709 http://eragem.com/news/1350456/

Explain how the alloy was manufactured

White gold is manufactured by alloying other metals with yellow gold. Most commercial alloys are zinc, silver, gold and nickel however platinum is also used. White gold is available only up to 21 carat so as to retain the white color.


The cost of the alloy

http://www.whitegoldprice.net/The cost of white gold is $1.147.41

Three physical and chemical properties for the alloy

http://www.elementalmatter.info/gold-properties.htm Three Physical properties of white gold are:

1. It's a dense metal

2. It melts at 1065 degrees

3. It is a good electrical conductor.

Three Chemical properties of white gold are:

1. It's chemical formula is Au

2. It is chemically inactive and resistant to chemical action.

3. It does not react with other Non-metals.

What is the alloy used for

The use of white gold is popular in contemporary jewelry and is sometimes used in lieu of platinum when hue is not an issue, but cost is.http://www.krikawa.com/ring-advice/metal-information/white-gold

Fun fact

Withe gold can loose color easily. So it requires repainting sometimes.
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