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Complementary Angles S2:E6: The Power of Formative Assessments in Mathematics

Complementary Angles S2: E6: The Power of Formative Assessment in Mathematics

Listen along as we discuss the differences between formative and summative assessment and our favorite ways to assess our students in mathematics. Michelle Green and Caitlin Cook join us again to dive into their favorite engaging strategies that make thinking visible. Referenced in the episode: "Clarity for Learning: Five Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers" by John Almoradoe and Kara Vandas, "Mathematics Formative Assessment" by Page Keely and Cheryl Rose Tobey, and Formative Assessment Direction Cards created by ESC Region 11 Mathematics Team.

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Mathematics Achievement Academies Stipend Update!!!

Great news - we just received communication that the stipend for the upcoming three-day Mathematics Achievement Academies is now $350! See the flyer below for dates and times, or contact Michelle Green for more information.

TEA Mathematics Updates: February 2022

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