Enhanced Learning Opportunities

for remote learning in DCRSD

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Two Towns....One Community

Parents and Caregivers,

This page contains Remote Enhanced Learning Opportunities for your students as we move into unpredecented times in our learning community. The main goal is to increase student engagement and create greater opportunities for students to connect to their classroom and special education teacher. This should be recognized as a next step to take us further but know pending guidance may change or alter our plan.

Please note that our teachers and staff are doing everything they can to collaborate, build grade level consensus and provide meaningful opportunities for student engagement. Our need for your assistance is still high with this plan as this is not the perfect situation for everyone. While we do not know the circumstances in each household, our staff can empathize as they are sheltering in place with their children and loved ones. We are all limited in our ability to see a finish line but we can try to stay connected through this shutdown. Our efforts are grounded in student accessibility, meaningful engagement and student access to educators. We know that this will add frustrations and stresses but hope that our collective efforts will build on the greatness that makes our DCRSD community.

We continue to wish you safety, health and a sense of calm during this uncertain time.

We may not be in school, but... the learning doesn't stop!

Using Virtual Platforms- See information below about Google Classroom and Zoom

Google Classroom

Teachers in grades 2-12 have information available in their Google Classrooms. If you or your student needs assistance setting up or navigating Google Classroom, please watch this video tutorial below.

Zoom User Guide

Some teachers and service providers will be using Zoom to connect with their students. Here is a User Guide for Students that is helpful. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h_wcGzQRFKG_qYv7T-tVFIa09Bg9NBYf/view?usp=sharing

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Supplemental Educational Resources

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