Geoffrey Canada Changes Lives

He helps kids in Harlem

What he does

Due to his dissatisfaction with the organizations said to be helping the poor, Geoffrey decided to do some thing about it and started his own organization. He wanted to reach out to kids around New York and give them education. He has courage and leadership due to his success of talking to people with high ranks and convincing them to help out. He also learned how to influence people and make changes when he helped the children.

How his Campaign is Doing

Due to his persistence and dedication, he has reached thousands of children. Approximately 12,000 children have been effected by his acts of kindness, and will live their life to do better things than they would without education.

How Can You Help?

You can begin helping by doing things as little as giving money to the poor, or big things like making your own organization. Also donating to existing organizations will help them reach more children in need.