5 Great K-12 Mobile Apps

Get ready for the future of learning

My Math App

From Power Math Apps comes "My Math Flash Card App", which can give students an avenue for mastering basic elementary math facts. It is easy to use and customizable, to enable focused learning specific for the student's needs! For instance, if a student is struggling with just division, you can set the app to only generate division questions, in varying levels of difficulty to scale the learning.

Dragon Dictation

This app is a simple voice-to-text app that can help students write when they can't do it themselves. For some students with physical disabilities, Dragon Dictation can be used to bridge the gap between their potential in their minds and their hands. A very useful app to have ready when situations call for it!
Part 3 - Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search on Apple iPad (Australian Demo).mov

Classroom Ideas To Go!

Having trouble coming up with an idea for your class? Last minute plans won't work out? Check out Scholastic's "Classroom Ideas To Go!" Their app gives you a ton of ideas for games, test prep activities, and more for a range of subjects. This would be very useful when and if certain lab materials accidentally run short, or are delivered late and you still want to get students involved!


This app lets you quickly question your students real-time, and see the results as they come in. Very handy for assessing the understanding of a recently discussed concept. Further, it can be used as a way to quickly quiz students on a video that you show, to see both understanding and attention levels.
Socrative Overview - Snow


This simple app lets you send out messages (typically reminders) to all your students and/or their parents to let them know about certain announcements in your class. If you're the type of teacher that loves daily assessments of learning (e.g. daily quizzes), then this app can let you remind students of what important concepts to keep up on for the next day.