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Updates from the Monroe Art Program

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Wow! February went fast! Time flies when you're creating!! The Mustang Masterpieces Art Gallery is up, and we are adding art to it every day. This is a special place to feature artists who worked hard, and create outstanding works of art.


In kindergarten we finished up our architecture lessons with Lego Blueprints. There are some talented future architects in this kindergarten crew!

We also learned about American Pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud, who inspired our Valentine's Day art. We learned that printmaking is when an artist makes a picture, and prints it onto something else. We printed donuts, using pool noodles. We learned that Pop Art is art that is inspired by people and things that are popular. Wayne Thiebaud liked to paint desserts. We used the Element of Art, shape, and the Principle of Design, pattern, to create donut collages.

Featured Mustang Masterpiece Artists:

Ryan, Cam, Luke, Thomas, Kate, Riley, and Sam from Ms. Liddell's class.

Serenity, Harper, Emma, Cameron, and Thierry from Ms. Roxy's class.

Liam, Henry, Kathryn, and Mason from Ms. Pogue's class.

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Fantastic Firsties

In first grade we learned about American Pop Artist, Robert Indiana. We have a Robert Indiana original sculpture right here in Norman, on the University of Oklahoma campus! This LOVE sculpture inspired our latest project. We learned that Pop Art is art that is inspired by popular culture. We learned about the Principle of Design, pattern. We used the Elements of Art, line and shape, to create patterns. We learned that printmaking is when an artist makes a picture, and prints it onto something else. We learned that collage means pieces are glued together to make a picture. We created our LOVE print collages to celebrate love on Valentine's Day, and every day!

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Mehdy, Nora, Joseph, Alex, and Fin from Ms. Wilson's class.

Vivian, River, and Livia from Mrs. Smith's class.

Mrs. Le's feature artists are coming soon. Our ice days delayed our finished products.

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Second Grade Seurats

In second grade we created Winter Self Portrait Collages. We learned about pattern. We learned that artists use the Elements of Art to create patterns, and we used line and shape to make our own patterns. We learned that printmaking is when artists imprint a picture onto something, and collage is when artists glue things down to make a picture. We learned that self portraits are pictures artists create of themselves. We printed patterns onto our hats and mittens using line and shape. Then we created self portrait collages, which turned out as precious as the artists who created them!

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Brandon, Kamden, and Rae from Mrs. Raper's class.

Nathaniel, Zoe, Alissa, Jervaia, Zoe, Luke, and Braxton from Mrs. Marshall's class.

Madyson, Harley, and Ethan from Mrs. Trujillo's class.

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Great Third Graders

In third grade, we learned about the Elements of Art, value and color, along with the Principles of Design, emphasis and movement. As students are learning about the solar system, we created our own Value Rocket Collages. We learned that color has temperature, and how to create a range of value, with watercolor, to make 2-dimensional shapes look like 3-dimensional forms. We learned that artists can create movement by positioning things diagonally. We learned about color theory. We used analogous colors to create shadows and highlights. We used the Color Wheel to help us remember that when we make highlights we move towards yellow, and when we make shadows we move towards violet. These collages are"out of this world"!

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Ella Kate, Cooper, Kayla, Dakota, and Eden from Mrs. Warren's class.

Avery, Blair, Elle, Chloe, and Sebastian from Mrs. Tomlinson's class.

Piper and Emelyn from Mrs. Roach's class.

Eliara, Khylee, and Sarah from Mrs. Bridges's class.

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Fabulous Fourthies

In fourth grade we learned about Louise Nevelson and assemblage sculpture. We learned about the Elements of Art, form, texture and space; and the Principles of Design, balance, emphasis, and unity. We used found objects to create our own assemblage sculptures. Wow, aren't they fabulous?!

We are gearing up to learn about Romare Bearden, and will have an awesome opportunity to view his work in person at the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art. We will also learn about museum etiquette. Stay tuned for our Romare Bearden inspired collages! Help your artist find and cut out magazine photos of things you see in a neighborhood.

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Yangzi and Macey from Mrs. McCracken's class.

More to come!

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Fantastic Fifth Graders

We are learning about patterns in nature, and how they inspire artists. We learned about the American West artist, Bev Doolittle. We learned that you can make patterns out of all of the Elements of Art. We created patterns using line, shape, and color. We are using those patterns to create a camouflage animal. We are beginning work on our hand tooled animals, and we can't wait for you to see how they turn out.

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Hunter and Harper from Mrs. Brown's class.

Luis, Behr, and Kai from Mrs. Lopez's class.

Mrs. Smith's class will be added soon.

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Mr. Haberman's Awesome Artists

We learned about Wassily Kandinsky. He was an artist and a musician. His music inspired his art. We listened to classical music, and did sensory paintings. We learned about colors, and that you make a secondary color by mixing two primary colors. We put primary color paints on a canvas, inside of a plastic bag, and mixed the colors by rubbing our fingers over the plastic. The rhythm of the music inspired the rhythm of our paintings. We added geometric shapes by stamping toilet paper rolls, and popsicle sticks into black tempera paint. We learned that a triptych is a painting made up of three separate canvases that all go together. Our triptych will be up for grabs at the Monroe Arts Festival. We can't wait for you to see it!

Mustang Masterpiece Featured Artists:

Leo and Dominic

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Little Picasso Tip

Ask your children to tell you about their artwork. Instead of saying "what's that" or "I like your tree", say "tell me about this picture" or "what were you thinking about when you drew this part?". Children's artwork is a beautiful glimpse inside their minds!
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