Invasive Species Canada Asian Carp

By: Carter Neale

The Global Issue

Asian Carp are an invasive species. They are found in the Great Lakes of Canada.

Canada Is Helping Invasive Species

Canada is helping. They are helping by holding the Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes.

Consequences If We Don’t Help Asian Carp Issue

Some of the consequences if we don’t stop the Asian Carp from spreading is they will keep on spreading. They will also overpower the other fish food wise.

Canadian Asian Carp Organizations

Some Canadian organizations are helping the invasive species Asian Carp. One of them is the Fisheries And Oceans. Also the Ontario Federation Of Anglers and the Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources made a organization called the Invading Species Awareness.

Invading Asian Carp Still Not Solved

The Asian Carp are still invading the Great Lakes. We have been holding them out of the Great Lakes for a very long time!

Asian Carp Brought From Asia

The Asian Carp were also brought from Asia in the 1960s.
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Jumping Silver/Asian Carp Jump Into Boat
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