53 hours left.... YOU CAN DO THIS!

you will never know if you do not TRY!

It is time to kick your booking into HIGH gear!!!

53 HOURS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

This incentive will run for the next 12 days (9/4-9/15)!

Book TWELVE qualified Trunk Shows to be held between September 1st and December 12th and you will be entered into the DRAWING for an $1,000 Shopping SPREE!

And, Already booked Trunk Shows between these dates COUNT! Wahooo!

*these need to be in-home Trunk Shows. Vendor Events, Mystery Hostesses Events and Online Trunk Shows do not count toward your 12 qualified Trunk Shows.

Can you do it? Of course you can and here are some tips to help you get started:

*Get your calendar out and highlight all of the dates you ARE available for a Trunk Show this Fall and start reaching out to all of those that said "no" to a Summer Trunk Show because they wanted to wait until Fall. Say "I just started working on my Fall Calendar and YOU were one of the first to say you wanted a Fall show so I thought I would let you be one of the first to pick a date!" Give her a couple date options to start with and a simple fun theme "Sip and Style!" "Style your Fall!" etc.....

*Reach out to all that cancelled or postponed in the Summer and get them re-booked! Use the fun Hostess Exclusive pieces and Trunk Show Exclusives as a fun carrot!

*Warm up your "Who Do You Know" List using some of the recent press and current specials! FOLLOW UP after you warm up. That's the #1 thing that will get the booking! Follow UP!

*Get out your "Chicken List" (those you have been afraid to contact) and GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose? nothing! What do you have to gain? everything!

*Hold your own booking blitz a couple times this week and next to follow up on all seeds planted. Make it a habit each and every week!

Are you getting "no's" yet? That's OK.....don't take them personally!

Celebrate them because that means you are getting closer to a Y-E-S!

Treat yourself to a little something.....

10 no's = a latte

20 no's = a pedicure

40 no's = a much needed massage!

*Go out wearing a STATEMENT NECKLACE and prepare yourself with mini look books and your 30 second commercial. If someone compliments you, tell them it's one of your "best sellers!" and hand them a mini. Ask for their email or address to send them a FULL LOOK BOOK!

Ask for their email to add them to your mailing list for specials and sales! Are you really connecting with them? Tell them you'd love to bring the jewels over sometime for a quick "pop up shop" with their girlfriends! Use your 20 seconds of courage and see what happens!

Cannot wait to see our FALL unfold into Trunk Show MANIA!

It's gonna be AMAZING!!!

This Incentive is brought to you by our dixieDOT DIRECTORS!!!

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what will you spend your $1000 on?????

DRAWING WILL BE HELD ON Sunday, Sept 15th at 8:30pm! Call in to hear the winner!

Once you have your TWELVE Trunk Shows booked for Fall, post on our Facebook Page thread (post dates and make sure they are booked in the system) or email to annamuir1@gmail.com and you will be entered!

Once you have held all 12 qualified Trunk Shows this Fall

between Sept 1-December 12th, you will receive your CASH PRIZE!

*A qualified Trunk Show is 4 orders and $500.

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