Space Race


Another battle between the Americans and Soviet Unions

The battle

The Space Race was similar to the arms race in the fact that it was a race to see who could get the most done in many ways. In 1969, The Americans were the first to every walk on the moon which put them farther ahead. Afterwards, the Soviets began to focus on the building of space stations and in 1971 they had built there first one. The US launched probes to Mars, Venus, Mercuty, Saturn, and beyond, as well as launching Skylab, a orbital space station. Together, the US and Soviet conducted an orbital rendezvous by manned spacecraft in 1975.

How it affected us

The Space Race helped us find out more things beyond our world. Many people were astonished about what was in space and what it was exactly. Many people were scared too and curious about how they got there and what it was like.