Mrs. Brellenthin's Class

February 2016

Math Minutes!

We are just finishing up unit 4 this week in math. We have been working hard at adding and subtracting numbers within 1,000. We have been talking about carrying and borrowing and what that means when we do it! Also, we have looked at how adding and subtracting are related! Next week we start unit 5, which will continue to work with adding and subtracting but will spend a lot of time on word problems with these two operations. In another topic, we have quite a few students who are into division in rocket math! Great job, keep it up!

Reading Time!

In reading, we are in the middle of our poetry and figurative language unit. Students are having fun learning about the different tools that poets use and reading different poems as well. We will begin writing our own poetry in the upcoming weeks as well. Also, we have been doing a FANTASTIC job working on those AR goals for 3rd quarter. We already have many students who have completely met their goal for the quarter, WOW! Now we are challenging them to see if they could double their goal! Keep reading!

Social Studies and Science News!

We just finished talking about the Southeast region of the United States. We learned many interesting things about this region like what it would have been like to live here hundreds of years ago. We also talked about what the economy is like in the southeast. Ask your student how people in the southeast make money! Next we move to the southwest region and then we start our research projects for science. We will be researching the ocean habitat!

Writing Workshop!

Wow! Pencils have been flying this month! We have been really working hard on writing strong paragraphs, with topic sentences, important details and closing sentences. We have written about our favorite winter activity as well as a paragraph on a state in the northeast region. On the creative side, we also wrote a story about what it would be like to be stuck in a snowglobe! Stay tuned for poetry to come this month!

Other important information!

We have finished learning all the lowercase letters for cursive and are starting on uppercase letters. Ask you student if they can write some words for you in cursive or if they can read some things in cursive!

Science Night is coming up Thursday Feb. 25, 5:45 p.m. will be hands on science exploration and at 6:30 will be a chemistry show. Think about coming and joining us for a fun night of science at Lake Geneva Middle School!

Be watching in the next few weeks for opportunities for summer enrichment programs as well!

Important dates:

Fri. Feb. 19 No School

Thurs. Feb. 25 Science Night 5:45 at Lake Geneva Middle School

Thurs. March 3rd: 3rd grade trip to Milwaukee First Stage to see "The Snow"

Thurs. March 10: Early Release and Parent/Teacher Conferences