Multi Media Project

Sean Green, Ms. Dorsett, Pre Ap ELAR, 18 May, 2016

Texas A&M's History

When Texas A&M first started, they agreed to build it under the terms of the Morrill act. For physical Ed, they had to take part in military training, so they could train people to be the finest leaders in the army. When Texas A&M opened, the student body of the first year was about 59k, and admission was limited to white males. Later on, Gen. Rudder diversified, and the college started to allow African Americans to admit into the school.To this day, Texas A&M has developed into a great school, that has the best enginering, and computer science programs, in Texas (The New Handbook).

Texas A&M's Mascot

exas A&M founded their mascot when a group of cadets coming back from a training camp up North, hit a black, and white spotted dog. The cadets immediately took it to the nearest hospital for treatment. When it was healed, to the point as to where it could function properly, without assistance, Texas A&M adopted the dog, and name it their mascot, and they named him “Reveille.” Reveille still had problems, but they weren’t significant. One day, at the college, Reveille went to the band hall to greet the students, when a bugelist blew into it's ear, and in a miracle, Reveille surprisingly got his hearing back! To this day, Texas A&M has had nine generations of “Reveilles,” and they are planning on Reveille X being a mid aged Collie, to lead on the Aggie tradition (Today.Tamu).

My Degree plan for Texas A&M

Since Texas A&M has one of the best programs for computer science, I have decided to set a goal to go there when I graduate high school. If I get into Texas A&M, my degree plan for the first semester would include CSCE: 121 - Intro into programming, design, and concepts, CSCE 181 - Intro into computing, ENGL: 104 - composition & Rhetoric, MATH: 151: Engineering Math 1, and science as an elective. My degree plan for the second semester, would include CSCE 221: Data Structures, CSCE 222: Discrete structures for computing, MATH 152: Engineering Math 2, and science as an elective.

Why to go to Texas A&M for CS degree

Texas A&M Computer Science series - Why Choose A&M