Spring 2014

The ultimate destination for this summer

Thirty-eight small beaches frame the turquoise waters around Curacao, and each live something different, you may find yourself in a secluded corner but also find places surrounded by reefs. Not only divers and diving enthusiasts think that this is a favorite destination, but also all kinds of windsurfers and boating enthusiasts.

Cost $1200 away with $350 before June


  • 31/07/2014


  • 14/08/2014

The best hotel in Curacao

Discover Baoase Luxury Resort, an idyllic tropical retreat tucked away on the stunning Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The elegant resort is situated on the south side of the island between the capital Willemstad on the UNESCO world heritage list and the popular Curaçao Sea Aquarium.

Baoase offers a unique stylish holiday experience, combining the comfort and privacy of your own villa or suite complemented by the services of a five star plus resort.

Dive into paradise and enjoy moments of pure luxury.

Baoase Luxury Resort. The ruby of the Caribbean.