Cyber Bullying By:Jorge Jurado

Don’t be mean behind the screen

What is cyber bullying

Cyber bully is when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another child using the Internet, mobile phone, or other type of digital technology.Also is how to not bullypeople and torment.

Tips to stop cyber bullying

1.. Don’t respond. Don't retaliate. Tell a trusted adult.

2. Save all evidence. Never delete any communications. Be sure to keep electronic copies and print-outs in case things escalate. Keep records of ISP and law enforcement contacts.

3. If the person who is harassing you continues this behavior, contact their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

4. Save all information that contains even a hint of a threat and contact law enforcement

5. Never post personal information

6. Don’t be gullible
7. Don’t respond to an angry message with anger
8. Never open messages from strangers
9. Don’t forward chain mails, hoaxes or long emails

10. Don’t post anything that is very private. Block the harasser after you have made copies of all communication.