FMES Buzz-Week of October 11, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 7

This Week at FMES...

Word of the Month: Cooperation
Thought of the Week: Great things never came from comfort zones
Friday Fun-day: FMES Family PINK OUT! Let's support the fight against breast cancer by wearing as much pink as possible! We will also collect monetary donations from students and staff. Each classroom will have a plastic bag designated for donations. Please turn it in by the end of the day Friday.

This Week's Events...

  • PTO Meeting in the Cafeteria at 9:30


  • A great day at FMES
  • Foundations in Reading Class


  • Faculty Meeting (AdvancED Standards 4 and 5)


  • A great day at FMES


  • School Survey links close-please fill out the staff survey. The link will be resent via the district office later this week.

NEXT THURSDAY (October 22nd) Just a reminder that you must stay until 6pm for conferences. You will be allowed to leave at 11:30 the following day.

Important Information

Many of you have already started to hold parent conferences. Please be mindful not to use inflammatory language with parents. For example:
  • Johnny has a hard time sitting. I think he may have ADD/ADHD.
  • Jane is so bright, I really think she should be or will eventually be in GT.
  • Suzy has difficulty in class and is mean to other students. Have you considered taking her to the doctor to have her evaluated for ODD?
  • I have 22 other students in my classroom and Richard is not my top priority!

If you have concerns about how parents may take something you say, don't say it. Come to either me or Mr. Griffin and let's work together to find the best way to make sure you say what needs to be said in the most tactful and acceptable way possible. Thanks!

SLO conferences will be held the week of October 26th. I spoke with Amber Smith last week and she anticipates that the form that you will use should be ready by Monday, October 12th. Be sure to have the form completed with your relevant information by October 25th. Conferences will be held throughout that week.

Data Meetings are scheduled for Tuesday. They will be held in Dr. Myers' room. Please come prepared with your tabs completely filled in and with your F and P's.

School Improvement Council

I need a volunteer for SIC. We meet 5 times during the year for an hour. If you are interested, please send me a quick email. THANK YOU!!! (Yes, I am begging)
Parent Teacher Conference

Teaching Tip of the Week...

Please view the video below which focuses on the importance of wait time. Be sure to reflect on your own practices when you are done viewing it. Do you need to make any adjustments in your classroom?
EA.WaitTime.Johnson.'Focus on why.'Clip2017

This week's M.V.P.

The Most Valuable Player is Laura Kaim! Read what her nominator had to say...

I would like to recognize Laura Kaim as MVP for the weekly buzz. Laura has volunteered to come into my class in the mornings to help a student get settled, on task, and started on his work. She doesn't have to do that, it isn't a part of her schedule, but she goes the extra mile for him because she loves kids. I am grateful for her help and willingness to do so.

Thanks for all you do Laura!