bathurst gold feilds

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where is bathurst goldfeilds located

the bathurst goldfeilds is located at bathurst hilland as showen on this map

jobs on the goldfeild

some jobs you can get on the gold feilds are mining blacksmiths school teachers shopkeepers butchers bakers and goverment offered jobs.

life on the goldfeilds

life was hard on the goldfeilds and heaps of people died of starvation thirst and sickness. diggers worked very very close to each other in tough conditions. at fist there was no roads shops or houses on the goldfeilds. at first only men worked on the goldfeilds and left their family behind but later on women and children joined in. finding women on the goldfeilds was really rare because men belived that they were better but women discovered the rich bendigo goldfeilds.housing was also rare so people lived in tents but later on little huts made out of canvas become more popular. then stores hotels boarding homes goverment camps prisons and accomodations also became popular.

wealthy and poor

only wealthy people and land oweners could vote.