Infrared Techonology

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ever wanted to know what infrared waves really are? well your in the right place

infrared light wave research results

infrared light wavelengths are at the smallest are .72-10(ml) at it's largestthe first pperson to discover infrared waves was William Herchel discovered these types of waves in the 1800s he also was the scientist who dicovered the planet Uranusinfrared waves carry a wave frequency range is in between 300GHz-405GHzwavelength is in between 750nm-1nm infare rays improve the immune system by giving protection against harmful viruses & bacteria. the improvement of the body defense system stop the increase of cancer cels by speeding up blastogenesis. suppression & prevention of the effect of arterosclerosis have been performed by stopping the formation of peroxide & adipose. a positive clinical effect was found with patient who had blood circulation troubles.

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