The Three Blind Mice Go to Jail

By: Erin Thomas

The three blind mice broke into the farmer's house. They stole all of the farmers food and then they they transported it to their hole. They were caught and arrested for breaking and entering. The farmer pressed charges for this misdemeanor. The grand jury met. The mouse were sent a subpoena to come to court immediately. They were required by the arraignment to hear and answer the charge. The witness was the farmers wife. The defendants had a public defender. The petit jury met to start the trial. The judge heard each testimony. The mice presented a plea bargain hoping to be let off a little easier. The mice also made an appeal that they were starving and had no food to eat. The prosecution proceeded. The mice also presented the fact that the farmers wife cut off their tails to which the farmers wife protested. She was charged two days in jail for committing a perjury. The mice were convicted and the verdict was a month in jail. They had a five hundred dollar bail for this indictment.