Haiti Earthquake

By Ella Heiden

What am I telling you?

I am telling you about how Haiti has been falling apart ever since the shocking 7.0 earthquake. It's crazy how much this earthquake had made things worse for Haiti, including the history that played apart. I want to present this information so people can be informed about the issue that is happening. I hope you enjoy!

Basic Facts

Maybe you didn't know about the huge earthquake that took over the newscast for the next week. It was 10 till 5, n Haiti, on January 12th, 2010. Everything seemed like a normal day, but 15 miles away from the Capital, the earthquake hit. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused an initial shock, that had cam along with many aftershocks with 5.9 and 5.5 magnitudes(Pallardy).
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What is changing Haiti's lifestyle?

Haiti’s neighbors are just as exposed to natural disasters, but are way more likely to bounce back to regular life shortly after. Whereas that isn’t as possible for Haiti. Reasons believed for this is because of Haiti’s extreme history that made it into the country it is today(Henley).

Are other countries helping out Haiti?

"The United States and other countries have devoted significant humanitarian support to Haiti, financing a large United Nations peacekeeping mission that has recently reported major gains in controlling crime. International aid has also supported an array of organizations aimed at raising the country’s dismal health and education levels." This quote was pulled from "New York Times", meaning this quote says that countries are helping in ways, and starting organizations so anyone can help out(Romero, Simon, and Lacey).

Why is Haiti prone to Natural Disasters?

There is a large fault that is right underneath Haiti, that have produced some extreme earthquakes, but this one was by far the worst. People living in Haiti are not as fortunate, which questioned the quality and that the earthquake caused major damage to buildings, and caused a lot of people to lose their lives(Romero, Simon, and Lacey).

Reactions of the Earthquake

In small areas where people from Haiti were living in the United States, were desperately trying to call and reach their relatives. Everyone is worried, depressed, and crazy(Romero,Simon,Lacey). People didn't know what to do, or how to handle the situation. Everyone was worried about their family and if they were okay or not. People were glued to the TV.

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