Activity Adventures

October 28, 2020

Adventures are the BEST way to Learn!

Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Dodd

I hope that everyone is safe during this hurricane evacuation. Please view the attached videos at your convenience.

Lemons to lemonade | Senna | TEDxEncinitas
Making Tough Choices with Kid President

PE Class

Coach Connie

For those students who have me on Wednesday and Thursday watch the following link about being drug free.

Free choice on your activity for 60 minutes. Be creative and have fun with your family! Stay safe and we'll see ya soon.........

Music Class

Mrs. Bayer

On this rainy Wednesday, try making your own music instrument at home out of household materials. To get a few ideas, follow these instructions for Canvas:

1. Go to Canvas

2. Click on their Music course card on the Dashboard

3. Click on Modules.

4. Click on Make your own Instruments under the Hurricane Days Module.

5. Follow the instructions for one.

6. Click Reply and type about what you created, upload A picture or create a video.

Have fun and be safe!

Computer Lab Activity

Mrs. Lowry

It's RED RIBBON WEEK! Camo Day -- Drugs Can't Find Me.

Please view the Red Ribbon videos when you have the opportunity and don't forget to work on your i-Ready minutes with 80% passing rate.

Library Resources

Mrs. Ramond

DES Library Website

Visit website for additional links and information