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Special Guest - Bonnie Philo - Executive Director

About Bonnie Philo

Elizabeth Weber introduced me to Market America over 19 years ago and at first, like so many others, thought this was the typical MLM and a pyramid.

Scott and I were traditional business owners and thought that any home-based business was "one of those things." I am now honest enough to admit how ignorant I was, and I am so glad that Elizabeth did not stop giving me the information I needed, over a two-year period, to finally open my ears to the UnFranchise® Business.

Approximately 19 years ago, our businesses owned us and we were just a big hamster on a bigger treadmill, trading time for money. We always wanted the best for our children, Heather and Brian, and taught them to reach for the platinum cup in life. Fast-forward 19 years we have designed a lifestyle! Our daughter and son-in-law, Heather and Jeff, and our son, Brian, evaluated the UnFranchise Business model and we are so proud that they chose the Two- to Three-Year Plan over the 45-Year Plan.

The most gratifying feeling is you can help so many people, work as a team, and not have to give up that 45-Year Plan while working this "Plan B." The model is part-time and can be intertwined in your life, regardless of how busy someone is. Our product lines are life-defining. JR and Loren are true visionaries and along with the Corporate Team, have put together a plan that anyone can do, which is a business model based on what the average, busy person can realistically do.

Local Seminar with Bonnie Philo

Saturday, Feb. 27th 2016 at 10am-12pm

London, United Kingdom

London, England

Registration from 9.30 am. Start Time 10.00am.
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