Kindergarten Readiness

12 Ways to Help your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Play-based learning experiences are how young children develop academic skills needed to be ready for school. Children are ready for kindergarten when they possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and for later learning in life. Below are 12 ways you can help your child get ready for kindergarten.

Language & Social Emotional Development

1. From birth have daily interactions and conversations with your child.

2. To help your child be more successful when learning English as a second language, continue to speak to the child in their home language.

3. Listen to your child and help them identify and express their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

4. Teach children social emotional and problem-solving skills by teaching them how to respond to their emotions.

5. Help children learn from their mistakes as they are opportunities to grow and learn.


6. Sing songs, chants & rhymes.

7. Take every opportunity to read aloud to your child.

Math & Numbers

8. Sort, classify & count everyday objects.

9. Help children recognize patterns in the world around them (music, sound, language and objects).

10. Encourage children to be problem solvers and figure things out on their own.

Physical Development

11. Ensure your child gets at least 1 hour of physical play everyday.

12. Develop fine motor skills including: writing, drawing, using scissors and playdough.

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