Blue Jay Flyer

August 18, 2021

From the Principal's Desk...

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It was great to see so many parents and students in attendance at our Meet the Teacher night on Monday. As a staff we are very excited to welcome our students back into the building, and we pray for a safe and healthy year ahead of us. As the principal, I understand we are dealing with unprecedented times, and I ask for everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate through the decision making process involving COVID protocols for the school. We know that these protocols have the potential to change, but we have aligned our policies with the schools/ districts in our direct area.

I understand and respect that families have varying opinions (agreement/disagreement) on masking policies, and I want to clarify some points. At the end of our COVID protocols, I linked two separate documents that should be reviewed by each family. The first is a flow chart titled Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings. This chart will show what students will be forced to quarantine if they are exposed at school. Since not all classrooms provide the ability to sit students at least three feet apart and masks will be recommended but not required, we will only be using the left side of the flowchart.The second document is Hamilton County School Guidance for COVID-19 2021. This document highlights how Hamilton County will handle an outbreak (1 case) in the school setting. It also details signs and symptoms that parents can look for in their students when conducting their morning well checks. This is the guidance we will be using throughout the school year, so while our policies have been communicated, they can change based on the information that we receive from the Hamilton County Public Health throughout the school year.

Some points we want to clarify include:

  • The best way to keep your student from being quarantined due to a school outbreak is to have the student wear a mask at all times while at school. We do understand that there are areas of the school day that masks cannot be worn, such as lunch. Unfortunately, an exposure during this time period will require a quarantine even if the student is wearing a mask at all other times throughout the day.

  • As a school we reserve the right to change our policies as we see fit. Our number one priority is to keep the students safe, and we will continue to follow the guidance of the Hamilton County Public Health Department to make decisions based on our COVID protocols.

  • Collaboration among students is an important part of education. If a teacher requests that students wear masks while working in small groups and close proximity, please make sure your son/daughter has a mask available so they may participate in the activity. If they do not, they may be given an alternative assignment to complete.

  • Hamilton County will require proof of vaccination if a student is exposed. If your child is vaccinated and you would like to have this record on file at St. John’s, please email a picture of your child’s vaccination card to

  • Since the nurse will be seeing a variety of students throughout the day, we are asking that any student who enters the nurse’s office please wear a mask.

Important School Forms

1. Please check backpacks today for a packet of important forms that were sent home with your child(ren). Please note that these forms must be filled out and returned to the school office NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 2021.

* Students in grades 5-8 received a Cell Phone Permission Form. If you have a student in a lower grade that needs to bring a cell phone to school, you may request a form from the school office or print one from our website under the Parent Info tab.

* Regarding the bright orange Free and Reduced Lunch form, every family must fill one out and return it regardless of whether or not you qualify. You may return it in a sealed envelope or fold the paper in half and staple it together. We only need one copy filled out per family.

2. Also, please log into your parent portal on Option C to complete and sign a packet of additional electronic forms. These must be completed no later than WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMEBER 8th. None of these electronic forms need to be printed and returned.

Any questions, please contact Jill Katterjohn in the school office at or 385-7970.

Student/Parent Handbook

Click here to read the Student/Parent Handbook with your child(ren). As stated above, you and your child(ren) will need to electronically sign a form stating that you have read this handbook. The form can be found in the parent portal of your Option C account along with other important forms to be signed.

For future reference, the Student/Parent Handbook can also be found on the school website under the Parent tab.


To report an absence or tardy, please leave a message on the attendance line at 385-2095 by 8:45 a.m. Please include your child's name, grade, teacher's name and reason for the absence or tardy.

If you need to pick up your child(ren) during the school day for an appointment, please send a note to their teacher(s) that morning stating the reason for early dismissal and if your child(ren) will be returning to school that day.

Contacting Teachers

If you wish to speak to a teacher please call the teacher line at 699-6960 and leave a message. The individual teacher voice mail extensions are listed in the school handbook (found on the school website). Please do not try to speak to your child's teacher before school or during the school day.

You can also e-mail teachers at anytime. For e-mail addresses, please visit the school website under the About/Faculty& Staff tab.


The St. John's Cafeteria will be all "in house" this school year. Students will be going through a line to select their entrees, sides and beverages. We will not be selling water bottles. Students may bring their own water bottles from home to refill during lunch and throughout the school day.

The St. John's Cafeteria will be using The FACTS Management System as our payment source for school lunches. Every family at St. John's has a FACTS account. If you are unsure how to access your account, please contact Cathy Dreyer at Payments of cash or check can also be sent into the school office for lunches. Please reference your student's name(s) with the payment and the funds will be added their lunch account.

To Prepay School Lunches:

1. Login to your FACTS account and click on Prepay Accounts.
2. Click on Add Funds.
3. Follow the prompts as to how you would like to pay. Any monies added to your account will be a lump sum per family, not individual amounts per student. When using a checking or saving account, there is no additional fee. For credit card payments, there is a service fee up to 2.85% per transaction.

***If your family had a remaining balance from last school year in their EZ accounts with Kaldis, your balance has been transferred into your FACTS account. If your FACTS account is not currently active, you should have received a refund check from the school.


For any questions regarding busing from Northwest Local, Fairfield or Mt. Healthy School Districts, please call your school district's transportation departments directly.

Transportation Departments:

Northwest 825-4600

Fairfield 829-6603

Mt. Healthy 729-4985

Destruction of School Property

Please discuss with your child(ren) that all of the toilets at school with the exception of the ones in the junior high hall have automatic flushers. They do not need to flush the automatic toilets on the first and second floors and under no circumstances should any flush handles ever be kicked. Unfortunately, one of our flushers was kicked today and both the toilet and flusher now needs to be replaced which is very costly. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

School Uniform Exchange

Please consider donating any school uniform items that your child has outgrown to our school uniform exhange. We accept gently used jumpers, skirts, pants, shorts, polo shirts, belts, leggings, spirit wear, etc. School families are welcome to come in anytime during school hours and take what they need.

New School Spirit Wear Items

There are several styles of sweatshirts and jackets that may be worn everyday over the uniform polos as well as t-shirt options for spirit wear day on Fridays. Please visit the school website at under the parent tab to view photos and pricing for all styles. An order form is also attached below for your convenience. We are introducing three new t-shirt styles including a long sleeve style (pictured below).

Why the pink shirts? One of our long time school secretaries, Mrs. Andrea Argus, passed away from breast cancer 11 years ago. In her honor, our teachers donate $2.00 every Friday to wear jeans and a pink shirt and the monies collected are awarded as scholarships to two 8th grade students, one boy and one girl, who will be attending a catholic high school. Students may wear pink spirit t-shirts on Fridays as well. One dollar from every order of our pink t-shirts is donated to the American Cancer Society in Mrs. Argus' honor.

2020-21 Yearbooks

If you ordered a 2020-21 yearbook, you should have received it in a large envelope at the Meet the Teacher night or it will be sent home the first week of school. A limited number of extra copies are available to purchase for $18 through the school office. Payments of cash, checks made payable to St. John the Baptist School, or Venmo @SJB-School are accepted.

Please contact Laura Heidorn at if you would like to purchase a 2020-21 yearbook or obtain pricing and availability for any other previous years.

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