The Globe Theater

The History, Design, Plays, Success, and Rebuilding

The History of the Globe

1. It was built by Richard & Cuthbert Burbage, cooperating with a theatrical company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men company.

2. It is located south of the Thames River, outside the city limits of London.

3. The Globe was opened for the first time in the summer of 1599.

4. There are lots of rebuilding of the Globe. The first one was in 1613 after a big fire destroyed the theater. It was rebuilt immediately only to be demolished by the Puritans in 1644. The next rebuilding was done more than 300 years after the demolishing.

The Design of the Globe

1. Circular shape

2. 20-sided structure

3. 30 feet high with 3 levels of seating

4. Stage 5 feet high, 43 to 44 feet across and 27 or more feet deep

The Plays at the Globe

1. Plays were usually staged in the afternoons, using the light of day.

2. Unlike today's plays, no scenery was used, except for some occasional devices such as a throne or a bed.

3. Some examples of early plays at the Globe: The Taming of the Shrew, Love's Labour's Lost, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The Success of the Globe

1. Was constructed in 1599

2. First decade use made a favorite by theatergoers and companies

3. Later years the troupe paid a lot to keep it going

4. Used two theaters for performance in the later years

The Rebuilding of the Globe

1. In 1970, Sam Wanamaker wanted to rebuild the Globe

2. In 1989, the original foundation of the Globe was found

3. The replica of the Globe was finished in the mid 1990's

4. The new Globe has only 20 sides instead of 24 sides

5. The replica of the Globe can only hold 1600 people instead of 3200