Isaiah On Leadership

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Get Your Guns Up!

Goal: Lower the pole to the ground.

  • Form 2 Lines facing each other... Shoulder to shoulder... Arm's length apart
  • Get your "Guns Up"
  • Everyone stays in contact with the pole
  • Cannot touch the top of the pole, only support from beneath
  • Lower the pole to the ground... Together!
  • If anyone loses contact with the pole... START OVER!!!


Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock by cabaret_karaoke

Wisin Y Yandel Lideres

Daddy Yankee Ft. Wisin Y Yandel - Limbo (Official Remix) by Wisin Y Yandel Lideres

Leadership Lessons From Shirtless Dancing Guy

Leader or Whack Job? What do you think? What does God think?

Leadership From A Dancing Guy

Isaiah On Leading (& Following!)

Isaiah 56: 10-12 (NIV)

10 Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge;
they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark;
they lie around and dream, they love to sleep.

11 They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough.
They are shepherds who lack understanding;

they all turn to their own way, they seek their own gain.

12 “Come,” each one cries, “let me get wine!
Let us drink our fill of beer!
And tomorrow will be like today, or even far better.”

Don't Be Lead Astray... Be A First Follower Of Godly Leadership.