K1 News!!

February 1st-5th

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Please click the sign up below to help bring in items for our 100th Day of School Celebration!!

Oral Presentations were so GREAT this month! I loved getting to hear what everyone wanted to be when they grow up!!! Thank you parents for working with your child!! They are making so much progress!!

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Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Oral Presentations Due!!!

Tuesday: Music & Library Day

Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!


Wednesday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Thursday: Art Day

100th Day of School!!

Friday: PE Day

**wear tennis shoes!


Mini Cluster Launch in Etime

To continue our learning of shapes we made some out of craft sticks!!

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Next Week We Are Learning...

New Sight Words: do, that

*Practice reading your sight word list at home. I'll be sending home a list of 1-100 words next week!

ELA: Review of word families and Beginning, middle, end of a story

Math: Review Geometry unit. Math Middle of the Year Assessments

Science: Rocks and Soil uses of water

Social Studies: Abraham Lincoln

2 very proud writers!!!

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PTO BOARD- Needing more members!

Our fabulous PTO board is needing your help! Currently, we have very low participation and are in need of more parents to volunteer. We are losing several people on the board due to their kids graduating to middle school. These board members aren't all stay-at-home parents- They volunteer their extra time to help our school.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know. I would be happy to pass on your name to the PTO president and she will contact you. Thank you in advance for considering volunteering! Our staff and students appreciate you! :)

Please click the sign up below if you would like to volunteer your time to help with Lunch and Recess Duty in February!! The teachers would be so grateful!!! :)

This week we learned about the letter H. The kids drew and wrote words that start with H.

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Mark Your Calendar!

February 4th- 100th day of school!!! Mrs. Saxon will be out at a training :(

February 9th- Kindergarten teachers out of the classroom for a Design day upstairs.

February 12th- Valentine's Day Party in the classroom 2pm. Parents are welcome!

February 15th- President's Day- No School

We continued learning about short o with the -op word family!!

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February Birthday's

Eli= February 3rd

Andrew= February 28th

More 2D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows!!

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In science we took a walk around the school to find rocks. We documented what we found by taking pictures on the iPad.

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We used a big piece of yarn and our bodies to make shapes!!

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More short o practice with the -og word family!!

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Shape Rotations including shape robots, play dough shapes, and pattern blocks!

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