Hair Straighteners

By: Bella Hacker

What was the purpose of this project ?

The purpose of a hair straightener is so that is you have curly hair, then you can make it straight. People use t by running it though their hair while the flat irons are hot and it straightens your hair.

Who was the original inventer and when was your product invented?

The first ever hair straightener was made and used in 1872 and it was created by a man named Garrett Morgan. Other products that are used to straighten your hair such as creams and sprays and those types of things were originally made by Madame CJ. Walker.

How was it used when it was orinially invented? How is it used today?

Some things that were changed on the straighteners were that thy are all a single devise, electricity operated machine. Now its more like a V shape that can close and open. Also, the temp. can be adjusted for your hair.

How has this product impacted the society in a positive way?

Yes I think that it impacted the world in a positive way because it causes people to look better and to express themselves.

How has this product the world in a negative way?

If a straightener is on and if there are kid around, the kids can get hurt, if you are using a straightener, the electricity bill will go up.

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Areas of technology that would be used is...

E. production, witch includes manufacturing and construction

G. Energy and power