Cultured Dairy and Fermented Drinks

DIY: Easy-to-Make Probiotic Foods and Drinks

No more expensive probiotic packs and bottles!

Are you aware that just one dose of antibiotics can greatly upset your intestinal health and that those gut flora do not simply grow back on their own?

Are you aware that the intestinal flora are reduced by the consumption of grocery store meats and dairy in which the animals have been treated by antibiotics?

Small store bought bottles of kombucha sell for at least $3.69 each. Learn to make it in your home for as little 40-50 cents/quart!

This workshop will demonstrate just how easy it is to culture traditional probiotic-rich foods for just cents per jar right in your own kitchen.

These traditional foods and beverages prepared by our ancestors for thousands of years and are known to greatly benefit and enhance gut health and overall immunity.

We will be sampling and demonstrating homemade kombucha, kefir, and yogurt!

We will also explore why daily consumption of fermented and cultured foods is critical to the health of your family.

Being healthy doesn't have to be expensive but it can be delicious!

Come join us!

Thursday, May 2nd 6:30 PM

Cost: $12.00/person

Location: 325 North Farm Drive, Lititz, PA 17543

Must RSVP by Monday, April 29 via email or message me via Facebook.

There must be at least 4 registrants for class to go!

Hosted by Well Fed Owl