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Principal Brief

December 15-19

The Fundamental Five

Sean Cain says that the introduction of critical writing activities in the classroom also provides the opportunity to increase the level of relevance for students. Spend time crafting questions for students to respond to just as you craft questions for them to talk about.

PLC's- There will be no PLC's this week.

Writing- Lots of great writing from our 4th graders these past few weeks! Have you touched base with your Writing Martha? Tell them a few things you really like about their writing!

Writers are collectors. Writers rarely use all of the information they have, but have it just in case. Have you thought about brainstorming with your students the types of information they can collect in their notebooks? What about collecting with artifacts? Simple artifacts can make a big difference when we want students to see the value in the writing about the simple things in life and how those moments can make the best writing ideas.

Religious Statements and Bible Verses on Websites and Emails:

All religious scripture references must be removed from email and webpages- per Board of Trustee policy. If this changes I will let you know. I think the district lawyers are working on this for us, so maybe this will change in the future.

STAAR A & Supplemental Aids

TEA has posted a power point that I sent to you last week that provides new examples of acceptable supplemental aids. Teachers will need to refer to these examples to ensure that the supplemental aids the students will be using during testing are allowable. Teachers need to begin having students complete the STAAR-A tutorials to familiarize the students with the tools and to troubleshoot any technology issues.

#hartmanpride- Krista and I are blessed to work with such an amazing staff every day. Each of you work as team to bring out the best in each other. As our Christmas present to you, we are providing Chiloso's for breakfast on the 19th. There will not be a faculty meeting and you may wear jeans all week. On Friday, we can all wear pajamas! All staff members may leave at 2:55 M-Th. and 12:55 on Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and make special memories! Special thanks to Misty W, along with Rack Room Shoes for providing our students with new shoes. We appreciate you Misty, taking care of the needs of our school community!

Dec. 19- Revised Schedule

Prek PM Thursday at 1:45, Prek AM Friday 9:30

K-1 9:05 -11:00 (rotation), Pick up lunches 11:05, Class parties 11:30, dismiss 12:30

2-4 7:40-9:35 (rotation), Pick up lunches 11:15, Class parties 11:30, dismiss 12:30

Upcoming Dates:

12/15- Burnett Jazz Band Performance 8-8:30 am. This event is optional for any classes that would like to come hear this performance. Please email Erin by 12/12 if your class will be attending so she can plan seating.

McDonalds Night - 5-8 pm, First grade team will be hosting. Encourage your kids to come and eat!

12/16- Reader's Theater practice for 12/19 book reading. Staff members involved know who they are. Can't wait! 2:45-3:30 (You may leave one day at 2:55, when we come back from break.)

12/17- Watch DOG Meeting in the Cafe' 6:30-7:00

12/18 Lunch with Admin- Prekindergarten teachers and para's. 10:30 am.

12/19 Please look at revised Christmas schedule. You may leave after your kids are dismissed. Please have Christmas decorations put away and your computers shut down before you leave for Christmas break.