Electronic Cigarette!!

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Electronic Cigarette is my all time favorite!!

Since my college days, I have been smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. I was totally addicted to it because all of my friends were addicted. My habit grew up as my friends forced me to do so. After some days, a new guy joined our college. I noticed that he too was smoking. But he was smoking with some other device. I guess that was electronic because I noticed that every time, he was taking a puff, a LED light was glowing. I really wanted to know about that device. Out of curiosity, I asked him about it. He told me that it was an electronic cigarette that is a battery operated device.

But I was in doubt whether electronic cigarettes could deliver the same pleasing experience as that of traditional tobacco cigarettes. So, I searched for trusted electronic cigarette reviews as I thought that it would give me a good idea about it. As there are various brands of electronic cigarettes, I was confused which brand to choose. So, out of the several electronic cigarette reviews I read, I found South Beach Smoke to be one of the most appealing brands. Finally I ordered for South Beach Smoke e cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke, though technically it was very advanced, yet reviews say that it was very simple to use. After ordering the brand, I got various starter kits, cartridges, e liquid flavors and powerful batteries. I was simply overwhelmed with it. Moreover, the experience was really pleasant. These battery functioned devices give the same taste as that of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Though it has been a long time, I am still using these battery operated devices and this brand, South Beach Smoke.