The Brain

Leaning more about the brain

Question: How does keeping hydrated help us with learning?

The brain is made out of 75% water! That means we have to drink at least 6 cups of it each day!

Drinking water will really help your learning. Scientist believe that when you study your generally not drinking enough water, so that is how you start to get dehydrated and become depressed.

Guaranteed To make a difference!

Making Water Fun

Some people freat that they don't know when to drink water, so set a time on a device or get a friend or family member to remind you.

So when you see people walking around with fizzy drinks they aren't actually getting hydrated, and water can get a little bit boring, so make it abit more intresting put some fruits and veges in your water and make it taste nice. YUM!!!


So since you have read this you can now thank me that you are feeling more hydrated than ever Congrats!!!

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