Bre Rhea


Getting There

I have to get there by a plane, and I am leaving at 12:00 pm on Iceland Air. It takes 9 hours and 15 minutes to get there and cost $1071. I am going from Denver to Heath row And finally London,England. I will need to remember my passport in order to get there.

Where to Stay

When i get there i will find a hotel my hotel will be at St. Ermins Then get settled in put all my stuff Away and keep my room Clean For three days and me and my friend Mackenzie are going to start are day Fun and Existing.


I have lots of activities that i can do i am so happy to do all these things

  1. Go shopping with my Best Friend
  2. Get Ice Cream
  3. Meet Princess Kate and Prince Williams and there New child
  4. And go swimming
  5. Go to the eiffel tower
  6. Go have lunch at a Elagant place
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History And Culture

London was Founded by the Romans under Claudia's in 43 AD Londinuim, A Protected Settlement with a bridge over the Thames near the Present day London Bridge. Rome's region Provied Londinum with powerful walls, Temples and Majestic.


The Problems That i am concerned Of is that what if the Queen and King Don't like me and My friend or what if we cause trouble between them that concerns Me or what if i taste there food and i say that it is Nasty right in front of them i have never Been out of state i do not know how London people are all i know is that they are Angry In the Morning so would rather like Go outside or Go to Places in the Morning.
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In Conclusion i want to go to London England Because i want to see different things in London that i don't see in Colorado or an Any Other Places that are in Colorado. Also because I want to try different foods with my Best friend Mackenzie.

About the Traveler

My name is Brianna Rhea and i am 13 years Old i have never been out of state Before but i heard it is Adventures When i go out of State I Want to go To London or I want to Go to Los Angeles. I have always wanted to go to L.A or London i heard those to places are Beautiful. I garentee it will be Stunning and Amazing I Have always Wanted to go out Of state Before I have only Traveled to Kansas I live in Northglenn Colorado. It isn't that Pretty or Nice as London Is but it is still nice and Cool. When I go to London I am Going to try all of London's Foods and cites.One of there Food is called Roast Beef with Yorsher Pudding and Pie Mash It doesn't sound that Good but i can't judge Because I have never tried it before.Well that is all for today see you Next time.
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