Building A Better Body

By: Allie Copple, Nora Schmidt, Emily Tewes and Taylor Koch


Prosthesis should be available to everyone, not just soldiers.


  • Move naturally/become indistinguishable from real limbs
  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
  • Able to feel heat/pressure
  • Bluetooth technology

Benefits of Prosthesis

  • Prosthesis allow soldiers to get back into the field faster
  • Prosthesis are almost exactly like the real body part
  • Does not mean that soldiers have to give up what they love

Types of Prosthesis

  • Scientists have made a digital pancreas that regulates a diabetic's blood sugar better than with a pump.
  • Cochlear implants improve children's quality of life and help them develop socially and emotionally.
  • Stanford developed an eye implant that hopefully can restore blind peoples' sight.
  • Face implants helped a woman be able to go out in public.
  • A prosthetic hippocampus may allow people with Alzheimer's disease and other memory problems to create long-term memories.
  • A prosthetic could give people back the ability to speak.
  • The LVAD saves the lives of many people.
  • New improvements on the an artificial heart could be a good option for people in heart failure.


Quality of life: individuals ability to enjoy normal activities, including the concepts of functional capacity and well being

"Tech rich" and those who are "Tech poor"

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Everyone should have access to prosthesis because of the many benefits.
  • Gives people a second chance at life.
  • Not only limited to arms and legs, can include organs too.
  • Allows soldiers to go back into combat, and cures many diseases.


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