Come to Our New and Improved Planet

Why YOU should come to Earth.

As said by many of our new tourists Earth is the best planet in the solar system. Here on Earth we have beautiful beaches that allow us to swim, fish, surf, and play games in the sand. Near the beaches and all over Earth we have restaurants that serve delicious food. We also have mountains that are covered in snow that allow us to ski and snowboard. Some even have snow year round. On top of the mountains there is zip lining and hang gliding opportunities. On Earth there is many opportunities that are thrilling and fun. The weather here on Earth is also very nice. Every once in a while it will rain to cool us off when it is hot. So if if you need a new planet or even just a vacation, come to Earth.

Here is a website to check out Earth and it's opportunities.

What you need to bring?

What you bring with you depends on what kind of person you are. If you have sensitive skin bring plenty of lotion, clothes to cover up with, and 30-50 fps sunscreen. If you plan to go skiing or visit colder places on Earth bring thick jackets and gloves. If you plan on going to the beaches bring a bathing suit. To see what you want to do on Earth just go the link I posted above. The key is to dress correctly.

We are Earth

The Big Green and Blue is the Place for YOU!


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