Jacopo Robusti (Tintoretto)



Jacopo Robusti was born in Venice, Italy in 1518 into a family of silk dyers. It was at his father's silk dying shop that he'd earned his famous nickname "Tintoretto" meaning "little dyer".

To the right there is a simple visual of what Venice looks like


Tintoretto had been mentored by Bonifazio Veronese. Yet, he was Influenced by several artists of his time, none more than Titian and Michelangelo. It was rumored that Tintoretto inscribed on the wall of his workshop, "The drawing of Michelangelo and the color of Titian.".

Early Work and Style

Tintoretto worked very quickly, finishing this particular painting weeks before his deadline, this being one of his first works. Some words to describe this would be, lighting, harmony and dramatization.

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The painting above is a secular work of art, meaning: not spiritual; of or relating to the physical world and not the spiritual world. This idea is shown in this painting because no god or heavenly item is there, all there is is death and violence. One of the most upsetting parts of this painting for me is right toward the center of the canvas, in the water there is a small child drowning, nobody is helping it. That is one of the greatest statements to me in this painting, it is saying, this child will drown and die young, and nothing will stop her.


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Creator : Jacopo Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti), attributed to, Italian, 1518-1594
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