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The Shapiro Medical Group staff often teaches assistants from other clinics the nuances of the more advanced techniques and, as a result, physicians from around the world regularly send their assistants to Shapiro Medical Group to observe. Shapiro Medical Group assistants are proud and honored by the confidence placed in them.

Shapiro Medical Group's long-time education, patient services and administrative staff is available to communicate with and consult with patients and prospective patients before and after hair replacement minneapolis surgery, by phone, email and in-person. Maintaining approachability and answering questions at every stage of the process is of utmost importance to the Shapiro Medical Group physicians and staff. An open-door policy allows patients and prospective patients to feel comfortable contacting Shapiro Medical Group, at any time.

Shapiro Medical Group

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Shapiro Medical Group

Matt has worked with Dr. Ron Shapiro for 23 years as a patient educator. He consults daily with men and women about their hair loss experience and expectations for regaining the look of fullness. Matt has developed many tools to help communicate some of the more complicated concepts in a straightforward way. Most patients say their session with Matt was a very valuable experience, and it helped them understand what is realistically achievable with Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, based on their unique characteristics. Following the in-depth, initial consultation with Matt, a Shapiro Medical Group physician makes a final evaluation and recommendation.