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Region 9 High Reliability Schools-Nov/Dec 2018

Big News!!!

We are so excited to announce the Region 9 HRS Mini Summit coming June 25-26. This event will be held here at Region 9 and will include Marzano Research associates (tentatively set for Phil Warrick and Tina Boogren) as well as leaders and teachers from our districts and campuses. We can't wait to bring this to our area and showcase a little of what you are doing while providing quality professional development connected to High Reliability Schools and The Art and Science of Teaching. We hope you will mark this date on your calendars and make plans to attend.

Critical Commitments

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Level 1

While there are quite a few aspects to Level 1: Safe, Supportive and Collaborative Culture, the key critical commitment is the PLC process.
Making Time for Collaboration

From the All Things PLC website, this resource gives ideas on how to make time for the PLC process.

Establishing and Maintaining Collaborative Teams

Found on the Marzano Research site, this checklist helps campuses determine whether the PLC process is in place and effective and serves as a self-evaluation of the process.

Level 2

In Level 2: Effective Teaching in Every Classroom, the obvious focus is teacher development. However, this consists of creating a system in which teachers grow within a campus instructional framework and can demonstrate that growth. In order for that to happen, the campus (or district) must develop an instructional model in which teachers are familiar and comfortable. This can be The Art and Science of Teaching, but most campuses choose to incorporate the ASOT elements into a framework that utilizes other initiatives as well.

Besides the instructional framework, the critical commitments point to a developmental scale like the one below. Scales for each of the 43 elements can be found in the online compendium folios. Using those scales, teachers can then create measurable growth goals for which they collect evidence of practice. This lines up well with T-TESS and does not need to be in addition to the evaluation stystem.

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Marzano Compendium of Instructional Strategies

Remember that you will need to log in to the site using the information given to you during training.

Level 3

Level 3: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum includes a look at the curriculum, including metacognitive and "soft" skills, as well as a comprehensive vocabulary program. This vocabulary program includes 3 tiers of words:

  • Tier 1: Includes basic vocabulary found frequently in the English language (ex. over, go, talk)
  • Tier 2: Includes both advanced terms (ex. fumble, exterior) as well as cognitive verbs (ex. detect, classify, evaluate, predict)
  • Tier 3: Includes guaranteed academic words as well as words that support the academic terms; this is where you find the 30 recommended words per grade level per subject; require the six-step process for direct instruction

While you can find lists of words already generated by grade and content, sometimes working through the process as a staff can be a valuable way to look at curriculum.

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Six-Step Process for Teaching New Terms

In teaching these words, Marzano recommends a 6-step process.
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Sample Vocabulary Notebook Page

Found as a reproducible on Marzano Research, this sample notebook page can be used for vocabulary instruction in the classroom.

Certification Protocol

Our certification dates are filling up fast and contracts are being made. If you are interested in certification this year, please note that these are contracted dates with Marzano Research associates. Because of that, we want to make sure you and your campus are ready prior to scheduling those visits. Below you will find a Certification Protocol that outlines the process as well as a copy of the Certification Application that must be returned to your R9 support staff before certification will be scheduled.


As part of the conversation on instructional models, Cohort 3 Leaders discussed the New Art and Science of Teaching. If your campus includes teachers that were previously trained on ASOT, it is important to note that any teachers being trained this year will receive training in the new version of this instructional framework. In order to facilitate the transition, we have put together a short video on the differences between the two versions.

Resource: R9 HRS Website

If you haven't had a chance yet, take a look at our new website! You can find it at The link below will give you a tour of what you can find on our website. It is definitely a work in progress, but it is one we hope will help you on your HRS journey.

Coming Up!

Cohort 3 Leadership

Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019 at 9am

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

This session (#308523) will dive into Level 3 and academic vocabulary.

Cohort 4 Leadership

Thursday, Jan. 17th 2019 at 8am

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

This day has been set aside for instructional rounds on campuses within our region. Please watch for more information in an email to your administrator. Your entire team will NOT attend on this day (you may choose who does). Please note that your leader/administrator has already submitted the names of who will be attending and correspondence regarding this day will be directly to those attending.

HRS and ASOT Schedule of Training

Contact Us for Support

We want to help you in any way we can! Keep in mind that in any of these levels, we can help you plan, implement and monitor progress. Use the form below or reach out to your R9 specialist.