Live with passion, live with musical·ly


In musical·ly you can create musical videos and impress to your friends. Only you have to select a voice and do playback. Choose your favourite song and did playback.
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1º.You can know to a lot of people.

2º.This related for instagram followers then you win.

3º.You can make videos with your favorite songs.

4º.Log in with different devices.

5º.You can put different effects.

6º.Possibility to meet all kinds of music.

7º. Watch the videos of your friends.

8º. You learn more english.


1º.You can not communicate with people.

2º.You can not download on all devices

3º.Can see everyone.

4º.Sometimes fail.

5º.Some videos are very difficult to film.


Finally my conclusion . Musically is a new app among many . Used to make creative videos . The application is very effective and I think that has validated it. One of the best videos to create aplicaions never done. In a short time this application was made ​​very famous . I recommend it to all those people who likes to make videos . Tutorial | Baby Ariel