4B Post Assessment

Baseball Team


In my baseball team, the coach is the authority. We, the players, have to show obedience to the coach. If someone has a bad habit the coach doesn't like, he has to change it to meet the group standard. On my team, we experience group think because when people sac bunt, they are doing what is best for the team, not what they would normally do. Group polarization occurred when a few people on the team convinced the rest of the team, with a discussion, that we should use different signs. eventually, they convinced us it was the right thing to do. some people demonstrate self-serving bias when they strike out. They blame the coach or someone else for their mistakes, but when they do something good, it was all their accomplishment. An example of the Zimbardo experiment is when a coach is meaner than normal to me because he has a position of authority. He wouldn't act as mean if we were just talking at a gas station or something. An example of the Milgram experiment is when the coach tells us to play on Sunday, even though I don't believe it is right, I will play on Sunday because our coach is an authority figure. An example of the Asch experiment is when the coach will ask us the signs, people will change their answer based on what the majority of the team thinks the sign is.



Randy Johnson

Johnson is considered one of the greatest left handed pitchers of all time. Here, he hits a bird and it explodes.