Rose Metal

An Alloy Metal

Componet Metals.

Rose Metal is made out of bismuth, lead, and tin.

Melting point of components???

The melting points are...

Bismuth: 520.6 degrees F

Lead: 621.5 degrees F

Tin: 449.5 degrees F

How dense is Rose Metal?

Rose Metals density is 9.85gcm-3.
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Physical Properties.

One physical property is luster and another is it is a conductor.

What is an Alloy?

An alloy is a metal of two or more metallic elements.

What is the color of Rose Metal??

It is a pinkish-red color
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What is your alloy commonly used for?

Rose metal is used to make rose gold. It is also used to secure iron railings and balusters. But it is mainly used as a glue kinda of substances for joining less fusible metals. Also known as solder.

What is a unique fact about this alloy?

One fact we found was cool was that Valentin Rose the Elder, the German pharmacist and chemist was the first person to discover the alloy.

The End!!!