Europe's MovableTypePrintingPress

By Klyden Jacobs

The Printing Press

The Movable Type Printing Press was invented over 500 years ago. This Printing press was different from all the other that were invented before this one, this one that Johann Gutenberg was able to rearrange the letters.

birth place of the Printing Press

The Movable Type Printing was made in Germany in 1450 it was the only one like it in Europe at its time.

People learn from the printing press

The printing press led to more consistent spelling, grammar, and punctuation from this a lot more people got to get a education because they can read.

More printing presses were made

In 1450 there was only one movable type printing press in Europe. In 1460 there were 9 printing press in Europe. In 1470 the movable type printing press was in 5 countries in Europe. In 1480 there were around 38 printing presses in Italy. In 1490 there were over a 100 printing presses in Europe by 1500 there was over 200 all across Europe.
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"The Printing Press and Its Impact on Literacy"