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Ed Catmull created Pixar. George Lucas was impressed with his computer abilities, so he got hired as the head of the computer division at LucasArts. Ed Catmull hired others at the computer division, and they became his team. Together, they created Pixar Computers, which impressed George Lucas enough to the point where he wanted to sell the computes and the team. Steve Jobs bought the team and computers, owning the small Pixar company. This all took place in 1985. Ed Catmull wanted to start the company because he wanted to make movies with the computers he and his team had made.


When Pixar first started, Steve Jobs wanted to only sell computers, but Ed Catmull convinced him to let a small part of the company be dedicated to animation. Not very many people bought their products, so as they lost money, they started to make commercials. Eventually, they gave up on selling computers. They created Toy Story, which made their animation take off and gave them money they needed to keep the company. Next, they started working with Disney, and making more and more movies. They had to move to a larger location in California. Now, it is a huge company that is working with Disney and making new movies. It is better now then when it first started because they are making movies instead of trying to sell computers that not very many people want.


The affect that Pixar had on life is that they made computers that helped animation get better and they made movies using that good animation, so they had created movies that had better animation than those before them. The movies have won and have been nominated for awards, so they raised the standards for what is considered a good movie.


The best selling Pixar movie is Toy Story 3, because it was the most successful in the box office. The movies are the most important product because the computers didn't really sell well, so they had to stop selling the computers. When they did sell the computers, I think that they used loaded words because the computers they had created were ahead of other animation computers at the time, so using loaded words would have worked well.

Important Person

An important person in Pixar is Ed Catmull. He's important because he's the one who hired the rest of the workers who helped start Pixar and he was the person who mainly started Pixar. He's also important because if he hadn't worked for George Lucas and didn't hire the team, their computer wouldn't ave been sold to Steve Jobs, so they couldn't have started the company.
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Pixar - Image Computing (1988)