Division 7 March Newsletter

By Miss Barrington & Mrs. Colp

February flew by with all the activities going on in the classroom. Thank you very much for all the delicious dishes we enjoyed for our multicultural lunch. It was a great success!

During the third term a major assignment for language arts and social studies will be a research project on immigration to Canada. We hope to have many parents come in to view the projects at the finish. In science, we will be learning about forces and simple machines. We will be working on decimals, long division, as well as measurement in math. In HACE we will talk about substance abuse prevention. In PE, our focus is on badminton, gymnastics, and track and field in the third term.

Technology has been a wonderful tool for education. On our class website, we have listed many educational websites and video clips. However, now more than ever before, parents need to be technology savvy. Social networking, such as Facebook is coming up in the classroom more than ever before. Below are some tips if your child is on social networking sites.

Talk to your child about sharing information. Facebook is very public. Many people are viewing your child’s information. Discuss with them what kinds of things should be kept private. Only post something that you would put on a bulletin board.

Use strict privacy settings. Facebook’s privacy settings change frequently. When you download new applications it can automatically take off your privacy settings. Check your child’s settings frequently.

Pre-approve tags. Choose the settings that allow you to see everything you've been tagged in (including photos) before the tag links to your page.

Use notification settings. You can tell Facebook that you want to be notified of any activity performed on your name, including photo tags.

Don't post your location. You don’t want to post your location for security reasons.

Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

Wednesday, March 13th - Swimming @ Surrey Sports & Leisure

Tuesday, April 9th - Salmon Hatchery Tour 9:30–11:30a.m.

April TBA - Math League contest (optional)

Tuesday, April 30th - Britannia Mines Field Trip

June TBA - Fleetwood Water Park

Please either write a note, e-mail, or phone us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


Miss Barrington & Mrs. Colp

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way.”

-George Evans