Mission Oaxaca

Reaching Southern Mexico for Christ

The Mission

July 17-24, 2016, Barbara Hall and Laura Jones will travel to Oaxaca, Mexico to assist local churches in English camps, sports ministry, and parties to reach the community for Christ.


Home to over 204 people groups, 32 unreached people groups, and 60 languages, a one-week mission trip in Oaxaca, Mexico presents the unique opportunity to assist in leading the local community to come to know Jesus on a personal basis and to enrich one's own faith in the process!

(For more information on Oaxaca: http://peoplegroups.org/explore/CountryDetails.aspx?genc0=MEX#topmenu)


We ask for your prayers and support as we embark, as a global community, on the mission to reach lost and suffering of Oaxaca, Mexico. Please contact Barbara Hall for more information!

For More Information

See the Oaxaca Mission website below or contact Barbara Hall @