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Norfolk Jr. High

By Jaida Thompson


Michael Jackson was the lead singer of the Jackson family group when he was younger. He was the youngest of the family. Michael achieved a lot of goals in life. He started becoming famous with “Thriller,” “Bad,” and “Man in the Mirror.” Michael won 13 grammys, sold more than 300 million records worldwide. A survey in 1997 declared that he was the most famous person in the world.

He had many pets. He had two llamas, a pet ram named Mr. Tibbs, a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles, and a pet python named Crusher.His chimpanzee Bubbles was adopted three years ago in Texas.

He won 26 music awards, which is more awards than anybody has ever had. The family band was originally named The Jackson Brothers. He performed in the Super Bowl in 1993, which was the most viewed of all Super Bowls.

Michael Jackson was kind and loving. Michael was a big fan of the 3 Stooges. Michael has three kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket. His marriage with Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, lasted only 19 months.

Now that Michael has died, you see that Usher and Chris Brown are in the lead to be the next KING OF POP. To me Usher is very good at what he does, but Chris Brown relives the memory of Michael in some of his videos by doing Michael’s moves perfectly. All in all, Michael Jackson is the greatest singer in history.

The Mean Racoon

Once upon a time there was a monkey named Boots that was at the fair eating bananas. It was on the 13th of Friday when a raccoon named Timmy was being mean to him. Later that day, Timmy ran past Boots and took his bananas. Boots got very mad and started crying. Dora ran over and asked Boots what happened and he told her. Dora said she would help him find Timmy. Boots was glad with Dora’s idea. Dora ran to her mom and dad. She told them everything, and asked if she could go help Boots. Dora’s mom and dad said, “Okay, be careful.” Dora and Boots left the fair and looked everywhere for Timmy. Then they heard a noise in the bushes. Dora went to see what the noise was. It was Timmy!! Dora told Timmy’s parents and the next day he apologized.

Remember the Titans "Let Him Through"

Remember the Titans is about a football team who had no chance in the beginning until their coach made them believe. The coach would wake them up early and wouldn't let them leave until late. The team is undefeated and is pumped up to win their last game.
Remember the Titans - 'Let Him Through'

Honey 2

Maria Rodriguez (Kat Graham) was recently released from juvenile detention and is living with Honey Daniels mother. Mrs. Daniels has Maria clean the studio and be the full time janitor. As Maria was finding a job at a convenient store that a family friend worked at, she saw someone shoplifting. The next day Maria spotted the girl that shoplifted, so Maria walked in while they were dancing and confronted her. Maria cannot go back to her old crew who got her in trouble with the police. That night Maria makes a mistake and goes to the club. She meets Brandon (Randy Wayne) there. Maria was dancing in the club when out of the blue her old dance crew came up to her and wouldn’t leave her alone, so she grabbed Brandon and danced with him at the club until Maria’s old boyfriend from the crew tried to start a fight with Brandon. Maria started practicing with a dance crew that she joined. She decided to work with them. Then she waled out on them because of issues the crew was having and was asked to join a different dance crew. Everything was all good until Maria and one of the dance crew members were walking together and the police stopped them and checked the crew member that was with her. The crew member hurried and gave her something to hide. Maria finally realized that nothing has changed., so she went to the crew that she recently walked out on and told them that they were entering a contest to win and that she would be the choreographer.They practice day and night. Maria joined a dance crew and battled all the way to auditions. If you want to find out if she joined the 7-1-8 or the HD(high definition) dance crew, or if she even won the dance crew finals watch Honey 2.

Honey 2 Official Trailer (HD)


Facebook is a socializing network. You can chat with people, video chat people, play games, and post photos, etc. You can send friend requests and get friend requests. You can upload photos of yourself and share them with your friends.


Oklahoma City Thunders-40% WINNER

Los Angelous Lakers-20%

Miami Heats-20%

Chicago Bulls-12%

Boston Celtics-8%

For or Against Argument

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.


I disagree because if you think about it they are losing money because they would have to feed us two times a day. The teachers would get paid even more. If they give out lots of money there won't be enough for sports and other fun activities, so they would have to cut teachers. I also disagree because if you get out of school at 5:30 p.m. and you have basketball practice or any kind of sport you wouldn't get home until 7:30 p.m.